Choose the right pool heat pump size

How to determine what size heat pump I should choose for my swimming pool?

Basically, a pool heater sized by cubic meter of pool water, temperature difference between the pool and the average air temperature. And also other factors will affect heating load if outdoor pools, such as wind exposure, humidity levels, and cold night temp. So if pool at area with higher average wind, lower humidity and cold night, it will require a larger heater.

For select a right pool heat pump model, you should consider as

1 What is your desired pool temperature?

2 Average temperature for the coldest month of pool use

3.Make desired pool temp to deduct average temp for coldest month, you get the temperature rise needed.

4.Calculate the pool water in cubic meter.

5 By this formula to calculate KW your pool require: Q = cubic meter x temperature rise x 1.163 6.This is the total heating capacity required for your pool, need to divided heat pump working hours of one day(24 hours). This is a simplified calculation, for exact and real analysis, you should have a trained pool professional perform this work.

Here is big clitech swimming pool heat pumps, with titanium tube heat exchanger special for pool heater anti-corrosion. Swimming pool heat pump  outcasing also can be 304 stainless steel casing, too.

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