What can we do when air to water heat pump not working in cold weather?

Although the air to water heaters (heat pump water heaters) keep high-speed upward trend development in the market, it still inevitably bring some users doubts and confusion. Air source heat pump hot water temperature rise slow often makes the user’s doubt its energy-saving condition. With fault, the consumed heating power of an air source heat pump would not much lower than traditional water heaters. But from rigorous testing at laboratory, air to water heaters energy-saving has no doubt, it has detailed data to prove. But why the temperature rise so slow and hot water not enough to use? feel like my heat pump not working in cold weather? These problems we need to analyze the different conditions, and it has below possibility:

Air heat pump not working in cold weather HVAC heating and cooling project heat pump wiring installation

1.      The unit installation location not with good ventilation.

Troubleshooting: re-adjust the air to water heat pump installation location or install the exhaust fan.

2.      The actual water consumption is much higher than design.

1kg per liter of water to rise 1 ℃ need absorb 1Kcal of heat, equivalent to 1.163 × 10-3KWh, then 1000Kg water rise 1 degree, will need to absorb 1.163KWh heat. If the daily water consumption exceeded this situation, we recommend that you find the relevant manufacturers to redesign hot water projects. Bigger the heat pump unit and tank.

3.      The machine refrigerant is not enough, lower than the standard.

Troubleshooting: find out the reasons why not enough and add refrigerant.

4.      The fins tube heat exchanger outer space is too dirty, affect the heat exchange.

This is also due to the lack of necessary maintenance work. Fins tube heat exchanger must be kept clean, no leaves, lint, insects and other easy to plug the fins to ensure the effective work of the heat exchanger and the maximum heat exchange. The solution to this situation is simple, just clean the heat exchanger.

5.       The hot water heat exchanger has serious junction scale.

This condition occurred at the water quality hard area, and the user didn’t do daily cleaning work.

Solution: Clean the heat exchanger to remove scale. If the water quality in this region very hard, can considered install water purification equipment.

6.      Heat pump running time too long

In this case, the general water supply and need is not good match, like a small horse-drawn carts, the unit keep working can’t shut down, its working time too long making the distribution components overloading work, will inevitably lead to a series of problems. At this condition, it proposed to increase the unit quantity to enhance the power.

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