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Inverter air source heat pump – low temp work -25℃
operation in cold weather -25℃
max outlet hot water temp +60℃
for sanitary hot water and under floor heating

  • Inverter technology ir source heat pump is specially designed for cold climate area, can best satisfy the household and commercial of sanitary hot water and floor heating use, it can work down to low temp of -25℃.

  • Branded componenets, heart compressor as top one America scroll Copeland, Japan saginomiya four way valve, Emerson expansion valve.

  • Environment friendly HCHF refrigerant  as R410A / R407C, 

  • Quick-mind LCD controller, one touch ON enjoy automate heating and hot water, timer ON/OFF function available.

  • Auxiliary electric heating control possible.

  • Intelligent defrosting technology, evaporator as finned tube heat excahnger with big air flow, its wave shape design efficiently reduced get frosting in winter, to the climate of dry air, adpoted “time + temp difference “defrosting control technology, defrosting in time and clean.

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clitech air to water heat pump installation diagram

Branded components

  • Mature design
    Adopt “Solkane 5.0” software to calculate heating, “Airsoft” software to calculate heat exchanger design, “system Design Simulator” to calculate cooling system capacity, to assure system match reasonable.

  • Reliable technology
    Nitrogen filled protection when welding, high pressure Nitrogen to keep pressure and electronic halogen detection for assure system no leaking.
    Pipe take shock absorber design, and take protector to assure pipe never get worn out.
    Wire lines atke insulation protection, assure never because of wire aging and get short circuit.

  • Reliable test
    Before delivery, unit has get through full test for safety, high temp, low temp, defrosting condition, assure unit run safely, stable and high efficient.

  • Suppress frosting and defrosting technology
    Supress frosting: Evaporator takes big air flow design, special allocate technology assure every refrigerant loop the same flow.
    Somre units adopt single row heat exchanger, improved heat exchange efficiency and decreased frosting form speed, adopt wave type high efficient fin, to assure frosting won’t block flow.
    Defrosting technology: Adopt PID defrosting technology of “time + temp difference change rate”, to assure defrosting in time and clean.

  • Refrigerant pressure control technology.
    Adopt patent produced refrigerant pressure buffer system, making the refrigerant system keep stable at different ambient temp and water temp.

 Standard condition
 Heating capacityKW12.119.223.1
 Input powerKW2.894.515.26
 Input currentA12.818.521.4
 Super Low condition
 Heating capacityKW5.69.311.7
 Input powerKW2.333.854.85
 Input currentA121924
 Power sourceV/Ph/Hz220V/1N/50HZ
 Noise leveldB(A)<55<55<59
 Side discharge W × D × Hmm1120*480*8101030*480*13401030*480*1340
 Unit net weightkg115165170
Working temp range-25℃-43℃
Throttle typeElectronic expansion valve
Refrigerant TypeR410A
Compressor TypeHermetically sealed scroll compressor( GMCC or Hitachi)
Compressor Qty112
Air source Heat exchanger typeFinned tube heat exchanger
User side Heat exchanger typeHigh efficient tank
Water flowm3/H1.793.583.96
Pipe sizeDN252525
Test conditions:
1.Standard: Air source side DB/WB is 20℃/15℃, inlet water temp 15℃, outlet water temp 55℃.
2.Super low: Air source side DB/WB is -12℃/-14℃, inlet water temp 40℃, outlet water temp 45℃.

Product producing photos

heat pump noise level-min
Heat pump work in low temp loading
heat pump for low temp-min
Heat pump with solar heater
heat pump for low temp EVI-min
EVI heat pump operation in cold weather
clitech heat pump operation in cold weather
clitech sales with heat pump

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