How to do when winter rainy days clothes hard to dry?

Winter is cold, and with unexpected rain, added the chill feeling, but more troublesome is that the winter clothes are thick, once rains, take more than one week to dry, Winter we always dress more and wash more, even the drying places is not enough. Especially with small baby’s family, need to wash a lot of baby’s clothes.

In this case, we will need a high temperature heat pump dryer, which is now widely used in all aspects of life, especially the drying of agricultural and sideline products, such as mushrooms, lily, dried persimmon, yuba, pepper, bamboo shoots, tobacco, longan, peanut, lychee, tea, Sausage, etc., and also including honeysuckle, Mangosteen and other Chinese herbal medicine drying, as well as seafood products, and wood, rubber, clothing (sheets) and other drying.

Such as hospitals, hotels, bath houses, schools, beauty salons and other places where need a lot of clothes drying, the high-temperature heat pump drying machine can be used for fast drying. The clitech high temperature heat pump dryer unit, its maximum outlet temperature up to 80 ℃, the use of “automatic temperature and humidity controller”, and microcomputer intelligent touch control system, automatic drying program and data monitoring with fault feedback, using scientific and technological to achieve the natural temperature, drying of clothing with “artificial sun”, drying quality similar to the sun drying, and it won’t cause discoloration of clothing and other damage, the most important thing is that this drying method, without any impact of the weather, you can rapid drying clothes, especially as hotels, hospitals that Kinds of places, need to wash a lot of bed linen / bedding every day, relying on the sun or wind to dry is not fast enough, the high-temperature heat pump dryer can help. According to the number of clothes to buy the corresponding model of air to heat pump dryer, install a separate sealed drying room, according to the thickness of the clothes set drying time, first with a washing machine drying, and then send into the drying room, it will dry faster, more efficient and energy saving.

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