Detect a clitech heat pump leak method

How to detect if Clitech heat pump refrigerant leak after long term delivery

Refrigerant(clitech heat pump use of R410A, R407 C or R410A) is colorless and odorless, you cannot identify a leak by simply looking. However, if the heat pump begins struggling to provide hot or cold air, this might be a signal of low refrigerant or a leak.

Check the pressure gauge outside heat pump casing. If pressure less than 2 bar, it shows heat pump has a leakage. Listen to the compressor in the outside unit. Compressors that run too often or for longer and longer periods of time, it can be a signal that refrigerant levels are low. When refrigerant less, the compressor must work harder to maintain performance.

What Should I Do If I Have a Freon Leak?

Contact a service technician immediately if you suspect the heat pump is leaking refrigerant. If inhaled, refrigerant can cause damage to lung tissue and suffocation. Only a certified technician can repair leaks and replace lost refrigerant.

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