Heat pump vs air conditioner

Heat pump vs AC, what is the difference?

First, an air conditioner is a type of heat pump. It “pumps” heat from the inside of a building to the outside to cool the indoor space. The critical difference between the heat pump vs AC is that an air conditioner is only useful for cooling, a heat pump can switch modes and move heat from the outside into the building,switching between modes makes a heat pump more attractive in climates that have hot summers and cool winters.

Heat pumps have the advantage of providing heat at a more efficient rate than other types of heat way. Air conditioners are cheaper to purchase, since the cooling capacities between the two are about the same (remember, an AC unit is a “one way” type of heat pump) it’s the heating side that pushes the decision one way or the other. Thinking of the choice in these terms will help solve any dilemmas and make the complex differences manageable.

What is the difference of clitech CAW heat pumps and AC?

Clitech CAW-RB heat pumps are ductless installation, and common AC / air conditioner is ducted installation. So clitech heat pumps will be more easier installation.

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