Heat pump noise

Where the heat pump noise come from and how to minimize noise?

Air source heat pump will certainly produce noise, the main sources of heat pump noise are: compressors, fan motors, pumps, etc., the medium of noise transmission is air or objects. Normally a good and well installed outside air to water heat pump has a noise level range from 50dB(A) to 60dB(A), for 60dB(A) condition, it is similar like indoor talking voice level. Noise usually come from the compressor vibration and fan speed rotating.

Clitech will minimize the noise in the design and production process. Some heat pump noise is because in the installation or maintenance process man-made, such as the unit sheet metal screws are not tightened, the heat pump and water pump shock pad and fixed screws are not installed according to specifications, some units installation location is unreasonable, it need to be far away from the doors and windows, especially the bedroom doors and windows, and don’t let the heat pump outlet facing the windows and doors. There are a small part of the heat pump in the transport process caused by damage and loosening of the screw, resulting in run-time noise.

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