FAQs for products

Question: What compressor your equipment have?

Answer: For all our products, best quality parts are adopted to assure heat pump good quality and good performance, like this compressor, always adopt branded America Copeland compressor or Japan Sanyo/Daikin compressor or Danfoss compressor.

Question: Is that sample available?

Answer: Yes, we accept trial order for test of heat pumps.

Question: Do the product have CE?

Answer: Sure,all products are CE approval products, we produce according to international standard, products export to European market.

Question: What is clitech heat pump temp range?

Answer: Clitech heat pump working temp range is -25C to 43C for EVI air to water heat pump, and -15 C to 43C for classic air to water heat pump.

Question: I want to be highest apparatus equipped with my heat pump, what is your best technology?

Answer: For all the heat pump can be stainless steel casing, soft start apparatus function, RS 485/Modbus communication function can connect and control by computer. And air source heat pumps can be bottom heater function. Our standard heat pump is not equipped with above stated highest apparatus, and with galvanized metal sheet coating, So you may kindly check with us if you want these.

Question: What is the service life of the heat pump?

Answer: Clitech heat pumps are up to 25 to 30 years service life. During their lifetime, approximately 15 to 20 years is usually necessary to replace the heat pump compressor.

Question:What is the voltage required for the heat pump?

Answer:The heat pump power source require is three-phase or single-phase

Question:Can one heat pump for heating several separate houses?

Answer:Its possible, but need to calculate higher the heating requirement, as heat loss is big and depend on house distance.

Question:What kind of home heating system is more better by using a heat pump?

Answer:Because heat pump efficiency depends on the ambient temperature or earth water temperature, it is better to choose a low temperature heating system. The most efficient heat pumps work with installation of house heating floor system.

Question:Is it better to choose a more powerful heat pump?

Answer:The heat pump must be selected according to the heating demand. it depends on how powerful the heat pump you choose, for example, house needs 9kW and placed 20 kW heat pump, the powerful heat pump will work fewer hours during the season, so its service life will increase. Of course, before making a final decision should consider all installation costs.

Question:What is a heat pump with floor heating system weaknesses?

Answer:Floor heating system with a heat pump is one of the most advanced heating systems. Such heating system is more influenced by only a relatively high initial investment. However, this is one of the cheapest methods of heating and the invested money pays for itself quickly.

Question: What is the cost of heat pump operation?

Answer:The only cost is the charge for the electricity required compressor and circulation water pump. It based on how many kilowatts are required for your house, generally heat pump is the most efficient way to heat your house, and you save lots of money. And if a room is well insulated, that will require less kw of heat pump, so you can choose smaller model.

Question: Why heat pump is with lower running cost than other heating equipment?

Answer::An inexpensive heat pump uses electricity to “transfer” heat, a heat pump can send more than four times heat from the compression of the refrigerant.

Question: Are heat pumps noisy?

Answer:No. Heat pumps are generally not noisy. Noise is marginally higher than ambient background sound, and usually not annoying.

Question: Are they reliable?

Answer:Yes. Heat pumps are reliable. They run the same process as a refrigerator or freezer, and have the same level of reliability and longevity.

Question: What kind of care is needed for the heat pump?

Answer: There is no need, just before the heating season prophylaxis recommended to check the system if any leak.

Question: Is it true that heat pumps drawing heat from air is better than soil to water/ geothermal heat pumps?

Answer:No, both types heat pumps are manufactured in a similar way, only different in their use of heat sources, when at very cold climate, air to water heat pump producing heating will be 50% more expensive than ground water heat pump producing heating by average, for example: If in heating condition, the water to water heat pump would pay $ 1000. the same period air to water will pay $1500. But air to water heat pump will be more easier installation, while ground source heat pumps water source side have to lay pipes or drill wells.

Question: Why should choose air to water heat pump?

Answer:If you decided the initial investment is not very high, and later running cost be minimum, then the best solutions is air to water heat pump most fit. Air to water heat pump heats radiators and under-floor heating and producing hot water. It is designed for those who need energy efficient heating and cooling system. Our heat pumps contribute to a pleasant indoor climate and at reasonable cost.

Question: What is inverter heat pump?

Answer: Inverter heat pump save energy by using a variable controlled speed compressor. The output heating is controlled to only provide the energy required, as to keep the room at set temperature. Inverter control not only saves you money but also keeps you more comfortable. CliTech inverter heat pump uses Sanyo and Panasonic variable controlled speed compressor, high efficiency and more energy saving.

FAQs for company

Question: How can I pay?

Answer: by TT or western union is good, usually do with our clients of 30% as deposit, and balance before shipment. Before you made balance, your ordered product pictures can be made and send you. We are for sincerely cooperation with every our client. We are responsible and reliable!

Question: You can help us to ship to our port?

Answer: Yes, if you don’t want to touch forwarder, we can cooperate under CIF, C&F, you get goods from the port is ok. Or can by air ship to the airport if you need it very hurry.

Question: What is the lead time usually?

Answer: Around 10 to 20 days for production.

Question: What is order Price

Answer: Please send us message for our latest price list and other information.

Question: How is order freight charge

Answer: (1).Freight charge depends on your order model and qty.

(2).If by sea shipment to your sea port, you may kindly inform us which port more convenient to you, then we make exact calculation and send you the charge,you can find a shipping agent, we cooperate as FOB term. or you ask us to ship to your port, we cooperate as CIF term.

(3).If by air shipment, can be to your home as DHL courier, or fly to your airport nearby.DHL is very convenient, you no need to clear customs, but it may cost high.

Question: How to order?

Answer: You send us by email or online chat that you want to order our products. Following information needed when you placing an order

(1). Order information: Model number, special requirement like soft starter, bottom heater or other, order qty

(2). Your shipping information – company name, receiver’s name, telephone number, shipping address, destination country or airport or sea port, delivery method (by courier, by air or by ocean container).

(3). We will make P/I (Proforma Invoice) and send you, in it you get the unit price, and total cost which you need to pay.

(4).After your confirmation to the P/I, you may pay us total amount through bank T/T (Telegraphic Transfer), normally our bank information is by bottom of PI, or you may pay us through Western union.

(5). After you paid money, please kindly scan us the bank slip by email or fax.

(6). Normally goods will delivery out in 10-25 working days(depends on your order quantity and our storage material) after you make payment.