Clitech EVI heat pumps water system installation instruction

CliTech EVI air to water heat pump wiring diagram

CAR-EVI series low temp heat pumps, adopt Copeland ZW series compressor. This type compressor with Enhanced Vapor Injection technology, deliver a higher heating capacity at lower evaporation temperature. It is a best unit can work smoothly under -25DegC.  Here is the EVI air to water heat pump wiring diagram:

Heat pump wiring diagram

Heating system

To drawing, EVI low temp heat pump can make house heating and sanitary hot water together. Hot water in the water tank, and supply to indoor underfloor heating. If for underfloor heating indoor, only need around 60W/m2, compared to fan coil or radiator of 80 to 120W/m2, it saved almost a half. This EVI low temp heat pump with easy installation, only need very little investment you can enjoy a warm winter.

Underfloor heating has many advantages:

  1. Comfortable: chill feeling always from feet, underfloor heating rightly is lower space higher temperature, while traditional indoor heating has air dry, peculiar smell problem.
  2. Save energy: Underfloor heating only heat human exercise space, no need whole space heat to high temperature level, heat loss little.When attain desired temperature, system stops; also thermal keeping for room is very good in this way.
  3. control convenient: Each room heating return seperately control, temperature can be adjusted and desired seperately.
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