10 11, 2014

Steam is rising from my heat pump?

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All clitech heat pumps have a defrost cycle built into them to eliminate the normal build-up of frost and ice that occurs during the heating cycle in winter. The typical design, a time and temperature defrost, operates in the following manner: A sensor measures the operating temperature of the outdoor coils. If they are below freezing, an internal clock will send the unit into defrost every 40 minutes (actual running time). During defrost, the outdoor fan [...]

25 10, 2014

Water source heat pump installation open loop or closed loop?

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Open loop vs. Closed loop In initial meetings, many of our customers have stated that open loop systems are more efficient than closed loop systems. In most cases they’ve heard this from another contractor. This statement is misleading and doesn’t apply to operating costs. I’d argue that generally speaking both systems are equally efficient. The most important factor is which one is the best fit for you. Let’s take a look at both… “Open loop” and “closed loop” [...]

11 06, 2014

There’s ice on my heat pump!

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The outdoor coils of an air to water heat pump maintain a temperature below 0degree during normal heating operation. Because of this, any moisture in the air will tend to cause frost and ice to form on the coils. The more humid it is outside (misty, rainy or sleeting conditions are the worst), the more frost will form on the unit. The heat pump has a defrost cycle built into it. During the defrost cycle, [...]

5 05, 2014

How important of a quality installation

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There are world wide clients buy of clitech heat pumps, but a very important problem is that, some end user clients prefer more of DIY installation, but after installation, they found COP not as high as they think, or error codes always show by heat pump controller.. Sometimes, we would like to explain to our clients, this is a technical thing, you need to just rely on professional local installers, but a little hard, may be [...]

3 05, 2014

At very low ambient temp, my air source heat pump not heating?

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Air source heat pump heating capacity and COP always very important relevant to the environmental temperature, the lower ambient temperature, the lower corresponding COP data. If you feel your air source heat pump not heating in Winter, here you might find the reason: Take an exmple, an air source heat pump when the ambient temperature 20 ℃, it has 19kW heating capacity (hot water and cold water temperature difference of 40 degrees), the same model [...]

10 03, 2014

My heat pump is burnt, there has much smoke from it!

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At Winter, some clients found the heat pump is like burnt, there has much smoke from it! And contact the after sales, infact this is a normal phenomenon, it is defrosting! Air source heat pump mostly use four-way valve reverse work to do defrost. Set the enter and exit defrost mode conditions, generally use time + multi-point temperature control. Currently although has many technical measures to improve defrost and control methods, actually still difficult to [...]

11 12, 2013

What is the advantage of ducted and ductless heat pump?

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When it comes to modern forced-air air conditioning systems, you have two distinct choices in front of you. First, there’s the standard central air AC that uses a network of ducts hooked up to a single indoor unit to distribute cooled air. Second, there is the ductless mini split heat pump, which has a similar outdoor cabinet to the central AC, but connects to multiple indoor units, called blowers, that are mounted in different rooms of [...]

6 04, 2013

Why air source heat pump get frosted in Winter?

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The air source heat pump frost is generally a normal phenomenon: Air source heat pump frost is a normal phenomenon, the unit will automatically enter the defrost program regularly. During the defrost period, sometimes the unit evaporator fins heat exchanger will emit large amounts of steam and accompanied by the bottom defrosting water When the air source heat pump running in winter, the surface temperature of the air-side heat exchanger is below 0 ℃ and [...]

11 02, 2013

Clitech heat pump maintenance

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The notify of your clitech heat pump installed --If you installed a clitech heat pump, it require some basic maintenance to ensure optimum performance. In most cases keeping the filters and coils clean is all that’s needed, and can be performed easily by the homeowner.Here are some tips for daily heat pump maintenance Users need to know: 1 Simple ON/OFF machine, temperature setting, identify the fault code. 2 Sometimes see the "smoke" by unit top, [...]