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Air cooled chiller unit – cooling & heating
Advanced control possibility
Low ambient working design, module structure
for commercial cooling  in summer and heating in winter


air cooled chiller units
air chillers unit clitech
  • Compact structure and sound control design, no trouble to neighbours.

  • Branded componenets, heart compressor as top one America scroll Copeland, Japan saginomiya four way valve, Emerson expansion valve.

  • Environment friendly HCHF refrigerant  as R410A / R407C, 

  • Intelligent anti-freeze and defrosting running control in winter.

  • Auxiliary electric heating control possible.

Technology changes life!
We concern your living feeling, also concern your electricity bill

air cooled chiller connection

Branded components

  • Full range of cooling
    Clitech modular basic type of CAW-66 and CAW-33 can be opted to combine units with different cooling capacity from 66KW to 530KW, heating capacity from 70KW to 566KW. More choices and more application, and refrigerant is also optional.

  • Intelligent operation
    System can automatically control every compressor’s running time to keep balance of compressor worn, can be timing on/off, function setting, whole system control, safety protection, malfunction alarm and so on, also remote control and local control is acceptable.

  • Economic and reliable
    Adopted modular structure, unit starts according to different grades of from higher grade to lower grade, can reduce start current.

  • Easy to install
    Simple installation of Clitech heat pump, it is free from environmental constraints, User can choose the modular freely to combine air chiller. V shape heat exchanger design can attain no seam combined, save space for user. Outdoor balcony and roof are good for installation.

  • Save investment
    Air chiller now is the most widely popular air source air conditioner equipment, no water system and other fittings by heating source side. Air chiller can be two functions of heating and cooling, no need of cooling towel, boiler and relative equipments, so saved the initial investment and daily running cost, and solved the problem of cooling and heating at the mean while.

  • Widely application
    Clitech air chiller has different models from small to big, can meet wide demands of industrial and commercial use.

Multiple models for chosen

 Model CAW-66RB CAW-132RB CAW-198RB CAW-264RB CAW-331RB CAW-397RB CAW-463RB CAW-530RB
 Cooling capacity KW 66.2 132.4 198.6 264.8 331 397.2 463.4 529.6
 Cooling input power KW 22.4 44.8 67.2 89.6 112 134.4 156.8 179.2
 Heating capacity KW 70.8 141.6 212.4 283.2 354 424.8 495.6 566.4
 Heating input power KW 22 44 6688 110 132 154 176
 Power source 380V/3N/50HZZ
 Noise level dB(A) <68 <71 <74<77<79<81<84 <85
 Unit weight Kg 920 1840 276036804600552064407360
 Unit size W x D x H cm 221x103x209 221x206x209221x309x209221x412x209221x515x209221x518x209221x721x209221x824x209
 Connection pipe size  DN50 DN100 DN100 DN125 DN125DN125DN125DN125
 Rated heating condition:Air source side DB/WB 7℃/6℃, AC side inlet water temp 40℃,outlet water temp 45℃ Rated cooling condition:ambient temp is 35℃,AC side inlet   water temp 12℃, outlet water temp is 7℃.
 View full CAW-RB series heat pumps parameter list pls click here.

More options for CAW-RB modular chiller unit

Electric heater

Technical adding

Adding on

Air chiller unit can add electrical element port on the PCB board, users can install electric element by self, air chiller will control start/stop.

RS485 protocal

Technical adding

Adding on

RS485 protocal is a technology which can share information to the computer, clitech CAR-XB series heat pump can put this port.

Product producing photos

commercial hvac installation
Heat pump work in low temp loading
Commercial hvac service
Air chiller unit
heat pump for low temp EVI-min
Commercial HVAC heating and air conditioning
air chiller cooling-min
clitech sales with heat pump

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