21 04, 2018

How to install a geothermal heat pump?

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how to install a geothermal heat pump? How many boreholes will I need and how deep do they need to be? Vertical borehole collectors can provide between 25 watts (in loose gravels) and 60-70 watts (in saturated stone) per metre of active collector. (active collector denotes the actual probe that is in contact with geothermal grout) For example calculation, we will assume a fairly modest figure of 35 watts per metre, a ground source heat pump CWR-12XB size of 12kw. [...]

10 03, 2018

Do I need a buffer tank with my heat pump?

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A common question posed by many clients, many consumers are led down the route by their installer or their own desire not to have a buffer tank “as it can take up too much space”. As a result it is important to understand what is a buffer tank, the impact a buffer tank has on a heat pump system, what will happen if you don’t have one and which heat pumps don’t need one. What [...]

11 07, 2017

Detect a clitech heat pump leak method

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How to detect if Clitech heat pump refrigerant leak after long term delivery Refrigerant(clitech heat pump use of R410A, R407 C or R410A) is colorless and odorless, you cannot identify a leak by simply looking. However, if the heat pump begins struggling to provide hot or cold air, this might be a signal of low refrigerant or a leak. Check the pressure gauge outside heat pump casing. If pressure less than 2 bar, it shows heat [...]

28 04, 2017

Crankase heater

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A crankcase heater is an electrical component heater used in air conditioning and heat pump systems, the crankcase heater is installed in appliances in an attempt to halt the movement of refrigerant into oil by condensation or migration The product is intended to warm the compressor casing to prevent refrigerant from migrating into crankcase oil. This facilitates "cold start-up" by minimizing excessive motor wear and increasing compressor efficiency. The cable consists of a heating section [...]

2 04, 2017

How to deal with the heat pump condensing water?

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When air source heat pump doing defrost, there would be water by bottom of heat pump from defrost, the amount of water is decided by air humidity, it by the bottom will easily condense into ice as low temperature at night. For the conduction of water, a lot of manufacturers are trying to solve this problem, but ended in failure, in order to completely solve the problem of frosting water turn into ice, can only [...]

11 02, 2017

Soft starter as an option to heat pumps

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The Compressor Soft Starter is used for switching, protection and start current limitation of single phase compressors in heat pumps, Soft starter provide a means of reducing high inrush currents and the associated effects. Through the application of a controlled voltage ramp or a current limiting algorithm, a smoother, jerk-free start is achieved.

20 11, 2016

High temperature pool heat pump can be produced

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Clitech pool heating heat pump Swimming pool heat pumps capture warm air and transfer it to your pool. They work best in air temperatures above 5C, so they are very effective in mild climate. Swimming pool heat pumps do not have temperature limitations during cooler winter months and are not impacted during cloudy or rainy weather, so they can offer more consistent heating than a solar pool heater. heat pumps are environmentally friendly and unlike [...]

11 10, 2016

Choose the right pool heat pump size

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How to determine what size heat pump I should choose for my swimming pool? Basically, a pool heater sized by cubic meter of pool water, temperature difference between the pool and the average air temperature. And also other factors will affect heating load if outdoor pools, such as wind exposure, humidity levels, and cold night temp. So if pool at area with higher average wind, lower humidity and cold night, it will require a larger [...]

20 08, 2016

Clitech EVI heat pumps water system installation instruction

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CliTech EVI air to water heat pump wiring diagram CAR-EVI series low temp heat pumps, adopt Copeland ZW series compressor. This type compressor with Enhanced Vapor Injection technology, deliver a higher heating capacity at lower evaporation temperature. It is a best unit can work smoothly under -25DegC.  Here is the EVI air to water heat pump wiring diagram: Heating system To drawing, EVI low temp heat pump can make house heating and sanitary hot water [...]

15 08, 2016

Heat pump noise

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Where the heat pump noise come from and how to minimize noise? Air source heat pump will certainly produce noise, the main sources of heat pump noise are: compressors, fan motors, pumps, etc., the medium of noise transmission is air or objects. Normally a good and well installed outside air to water heat pump has a noise level range from 50dB(A) to 60dB(A), for 60dB(A) condition, it is similar like indoor talking voice level. Noise [...]