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Air source heat pump – cooling / heating
working central HVAC system
connect to water fan coil or convector
as cooling system in summer and heating system in winter

clitech air to water site header-min
  • Compact structure and sound control design, no trouble to neighbours.

  • Branded componenets, compressor as top one America scroll Copeland, Japan saginomiya four way valve, Emerson expansion valve.

  • Environment friendly HCHF refrigerant  as R410A / R417A / R407C, 

  • Quick-mind LCD controller, automatically or manually set running mode of cooling or heating.

  • Intelligent anti-freeze and defrosting running control in winter.

  • 220V/50HZ, 380V/50HZ, 440V/60HZ special power source is available.

Technology changes life!
We concern your living feeling, also concern your electricity bill

Branded components

  • Mature design
    Adopt “Solkane 5.0” software to calculate heating, “Airsoft” software to calculate heat exchanger design, “system Design Simulator” to calculate cooling system capacity, to assure system match reasonable.

  • Reliable technology
    Nitrogen filled protection when welding, high pressure Nitrogen to keep pressure and electronic halogen detection for assure system no leaking.
    Pipe take shock absorber design, and take protector to assure pipe never get worn out.
    Wire lines atke insulation protection, assure never because of wire aging and get short circuit.

  • Reliable test
    Before delivery, unit has get through full test for safety, high temp, low temp, defrosting condition, assure unit run safely, stable and high efficient.

  • Suppress frosting and defrosting technology
    Supress frosting: Evaporator takes big air flow design, special allocate technology assure every refrigerant loop the same flow.
    Somre units adopt single row heat exchanger, improved heat exchange efficiency and decreased frosting form speed, adopt wave type high efficient fin, to assure frosting won’t block flow.
    Defrosting technology: Adopt PID defrosting technology of “time + temp difference change rate”, to assure defrosting in time and clean.

  • Refrigerant pressure control technology.
    Adopt patent produced refrigerant pressure buffer system, making the refrigerant system keep stable at different ambient temp and water temp.

 Cooling capacity KW 7.48 8.44 12.09 14.7 16.7 24.19 29.41 37.8 48.37
 Cooling input power KW 3.23 3.61 4.58 5.66 6.65 9.15 10.91 13.73 18.31
 Heating capacity KW 9.2 10.38 14.87 18.08 20.34 29.75 36.17 42.6 59.49
 Heating input power KW 3.16 3.53 4.48 5.54 6.51 8.97 10.59 13.47 17.94
 Power source 220V/1N/50HZ 380V/3N/50HZ
 Noise level dB(A) <48 <50   <53 <53  <55   <55 <60 <63 <66
 Unit weight Kg 120 150  155 175  225 280  350  520  580
 Unit size W x D x H cm  
 Up fan type 67x64x82 81x78x10581x78x10581x78x105145x78x105145x78x105 145x78x120 170x90x125 180x121x125
 Side fan type  88x37x100 88x37x100 90x42x140 90x42x140/ / / /
 Rated heating condition:Air source side DB/WB 7℃/6℃, AC side inlet water temp 40℃,outlet water temp 45℃ Rated cooling condition:ambient temp is 35℃,AC side inlet   water temp 12℃, outlet water temp is 7℃.
 View full CAW-RB series heat pumps parameter list pls click here.

More options for CAW-RB air source heat pump

Stainless steel casing

Protect heat pump

Casing setting

Stainless steel casing is used to protect heat pump outcasing from rust install outside, the standard is galvanized steel casing with painting of white

Soft starter apparatus

Protect compressor

Adding on

With soft starter the machine will temporarily reduce the load and torque in the power train and electric current surge of the motor during start up.

Bottom heater

Protect heat pump

Adding on

Bottom heater is electrical tapes installed by heat pump bottom, when winter cold there water by the bottom, may start the bottom heater to avoid freeze.

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