Air Source Heat Pump

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How a heat pump works and clitech air water heat pump reviews

In nature, water flows always from high space to low space and heating transmits from high temp to low temp. But with water pump water can flow from low space to high space, so how a heat pump works? it with heat pump heating can transmit from low temperature to high temperature. Clitech air source heat pump draws heat from air and moves the heat to heat useful place. It works according to Reverse Carnot Cycle working principle, always has mainly four parts of finned heat exchanger, compressor, and cooling water condenser(like tube in tube heat exchanger) and expansion valve(a kind of throttle device). With low consumption of electricity, it draws mass low temp heat from air (by finned heat exchanger), and transfer to high temp heat (by compressor), and finally to water tank. This is a heating circulation course.

heat pump cycle

The company’s engineers have been engaged in the heat pump industry for more than 20 years, with their professional technical support, we have great belief to make every heating / air conditioning project with best solution!

Many thanks to engineers hard work, clitech successful developed EVI low temp heat pumps for -25℃ ambient temp, output hot water 70℃ high temp heat pumps which are for radiator, inverter heat pump which are more energy saving.

Air to water heat pump CAR series – heating and hot water, working at -15℃.

Air to water heat pump CAR-EVI series – heating and hot water, working at -25℃.

Air to water heat pump CAW series –  cooling and heaitng, working at -15℃.

Air to water heat pump CAW-EVI series – heating and hot water, working at -25℃.

Air to water heat pump CAM series – cooling and heating and hot water.

Air to water heat pump modular chiller for commercial or industrial, cooling and heating.

Air to water high temp heat pump CAR-HB series – heating and hot water.